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These times call for fresh ideas. We provide a platform for young talents who are eager to showcase themselves on the highest stage. All of this is under the watchful eye of passionate professionals who excel in their field. Many talents have taken the stage here, discovering their passion, gaining valuable experiences, and honing their skills. Find out here who has preceded you.

Breng jouw merk op het hoogste podium met de Embassy of Brands.
joep van nuland
Apprentices Sarah   Embassy of Brands   02
sarah van den heuvel
Onze skills en ervaring staan tot jouw beschikking.
indy de bakker
De plek waar merkambities werkelijkheid worden.
laura van der sluijs
Een divers broeinest van expertise onder een dak.
eda gulyaprak


Ready to take the stage at the Embassy?
Lana Paltan - Portret
lana paltan

"I have had the opportunity to grow at the Embassy of Brands."

"I not only did my graduation internship at the Embassy of Brands, but I was also given the platform here to develop myself as an entrepreneur. I said it back then, and I still feel it now: I've learned more here in half a year than in four years of school. The Embassy is a place full of passion and inspiration, and provides you with the building blocks for starting your portfolio and career."

Tom den Ronden - Portret
tom den ronden

"EoB has helped me realize who I am as a professional and as a person."

"During my Communication IEMES studies in Tilburg, it became clear to me that I love being creative. Copywriting was where I could best express my feelings and creativity. Playing with words is what I love to do the most. About four years ago, I ended up at EoB. I just graduated and wasn't really sure what exactly I wanted or could do. Now, years later, I am a fully-fledged creative professional. I add value to clients and stand firm in my shoes when thinking about who I am as an entrepreneur. I wish every intern the development I have seen in myself and in previous interns."

Indy de Bakker - Portret
indy de bakker

"There is nothing as motivating as working with motivated colleagues."

"When I started this internship, I had no idea where my passion and talents lay. I wanted to further explore this because I wanted more clarity about my future. During this internship, I had the opportunity to discover which aspects of the job interested me the most. This internship is the perfect place to challenge yourself and grow as a professional. You will not only develop your professional and technical skills, but also your personal and leadership skills. At the end of the internship, you will have gained valuable work experience and have a better understanding of who you are and what you want to achieve in your career."

Sarah van den Heuvel - Portret
sarah van den heuvel


"I remember when I applied for my first internship here. I was received with great enthusiasm. During the interview, they were genuinely interested in and positive about my portfolio. It's a super young, talented, and friendly team that you really become a part of. Meanwhile, I am now on my second internship because I learned a lot during my first one, and I'm far from finished learning. It's now a kind of family that will always be there for me, and I'm super proud of that!"

Job Dijsselbloem - Portret
job dijsselbloem

"I have grown incredibly in a short time and can now pass on this knowledge to others."

"In 2018, I ended up at Embassy of Brands (then SchutDesigns) as the very first apprentice. I was looking for a place where I could strengthen my design skills and something that would align better with my studies than working at the Albert Heijn. And I found that place. During my internship, I researched how the Embassy of Brands should take shape, and together with Remco, I was able to lay the foundation for all subsequent apprentices. I have grown tremendously in branding, design, and entrepreneurship in a short time, and I can now pass on this knowledge to others. I am truly grateful for that."

Joep van Nuland - Portret
joep van nuland

"A four-year education wrapped up in a six-month internship."

"When I arrived at the Embassy for the job interview, I immediately felt that it was different here. There were all young and passionate people here. I immediately felt completely at home here. A four-year education wrapped up in a six-month internship, that's how it feels for me. Job, Remco, and Tom all helped me tremendously during this period. I was given a lot of freedom in terms of how I wanted to develop. I am grateful to the Embassy for all that I have been able to learn here in these six months, and they haven't seen the last of me yet!"

Eda Gulyraprak - portret
eda gulyaprak

“I feel so lucky that I came across Embassy of Brands during my first career step.”

“During my second year of school, I was required to complete an internship. As I could meet new cultures and gain work experience in the Netherlands, I found it an ideal location for my internship. At this point, I met Embassy of Brands. Being in a foreign country, not knowing the language, and having my first working experience made me worried at first. With Remco's guidance and my colleagues' encouragement, I could not believe how much knowledge I had gained in such a short period of time and the projects that I have completed.”