Embassy of Brands

The Hub of Talents in branding

Building brands and training talent is our passion. We do this by inspiring each other and excelling together. We invest time in the skills that bring us joy, ultimately improving the brands we work for. This is how brand ambassadors are born; the foundation for growth. This is the essence of the Embassy of Brands.

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Craftsmanship & Innovation

Experience and refinement ensure that our brands reach and maintain a high level. In addition, young, passionate creative entrepreneurs are provided the opportunity to showcase their talents. They are trained in our approach by the creative professionals within our extensive network. This way, we encourage innovation, and our clients can trust that their brand is always in good hands. With this vision, we ensure consistency and innovation in the brands we build and maintain.

Amaze & Surprise

Striving for better work every year. That's what we stand for. Every Ambassador and Apprentice on our team is driven to be constantly challenged, push boundaries, and develop new skills. Every new assignment fuels the fire of our passion: to elevate and preserve authentic brands. We want to inspire and excel for brands with a beautiful story. In doing so, we aim to amaze and surprise both our clients and ourselves time and time again.

our view on branding

Share the same story everywhere.
A story that inspires and sets us apart. 
A story that is genuine and lived by every day.
A story that is widely embraced and has ambassadors.

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