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Netpro is the technological partner in the Caribbean region. With their network of professionals, they tackle every technical IT challenge. From providing preventive advice to developing servers, from laying cables to cybersecurity, and much more. Netpro takes on its customers' challenges with personal attention, unwavering quality, and proven technological solutions. They have transitioned over the years from 'network installation' to 'network management' and from execution to a leadership role. This called for a new brand story, a new website, and much more! Curious about Netpro?

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“It’s enjoyable to articulate the thoughts of someone with a clear vision.”

Tom den Ronden

As with any 'discover' phase in a branding process, it all starts with talking. A lot of talking. Through various meetings with director John van Wezel, we gained a good understanding of the transition, goals, target audiences, and the entire Netpro brand. After putting this on paper, we mirrored it with numerous employees at different levels of the company and with customers. This is a powerful process because each individual conversational partner can experience the brand differently, allowing us to gather valuable feedback. After several refinement sessions and alignment with Netpro, we were ready. With the new, recognizable brand story of Netpro, the foundation was laid.

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“The combination of the cheerfull colors and the connection perfectly allign with Caribbean IT.”

Lana Paltan

Following the brand story, Netpro's logo and corporate identity were also redesigned. This was executed through a meticulous design process, choosing 'Caribbean' colors combined with a pattern to visualize the 'network of professionals.' Connection is one of Netpro's core values and, therefore, plays a leading role in the corporate identity. Subsequently, a website was designed in that specific style, and various other brand expressions were realized. For example, an animation of the brand story combined with a powerful voice-over to introduce the brand. Personalized introduction packages were also developed for employees, new work clothing was created, and we continue to maintain all brand expressions at the same high level to this day.

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“EoB provides peace of mind, and that's exactly what we need.”

John van wezel (Netpro)

In our view, a project like this is never entirely finished. The completion of a branding process opens up many new doors that an organization can take advantage of. Therefore, we have entered into a Branding As A Service contract and systematically map out all (new and existing) brand touchpoints. Always exploring new possibilities and refining current assets. This includes social media, website maintenance, onboarding processes, and much more. Through weekly meetings, we fully support and relieve Netpro. Additionally, we like to involve professionals, such as Leonid Antonia, who provides authentic photography in the Caribbean region for Netpro.


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