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With 40 years of experience, Polyfluor is a globally leading supplier of sustainable and high-quality fluoroplastic products. They provide solutions for various industries, including the automotive, medical, food, electrical, and many more. A flexible team of passionate specialists ensures the right answer to every question. Polyfluor wanted to renew their logo, corporate identity, and website, and in addition, we developed the brand story. With authentic photography, a new brand story, a new website, and new communication tools, Polyfluor is fully prepared for the future. Curious about Polyfluor?

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“I am proud to grow alongside the brand of a loyal ambassador.”

Remco Schut

Polyfluor was already familiar to us. The existing website was developed by Remco during the time of SchutDesigns. When Polyfluor reached out, we quickly started the new project. The request was to develop a new website, but we wanted to know the foundation from which we were going to do this. After a series of critical questions and an initiation process, we agreed to develop a new brand story as well. Many employees were interviewed, customers were consulted, and everything that could contribute was brought to light.

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“From the keyword research, it became immediately clear which content we should focus on.”

John Rotgers

Polyfluor's new website is a source of information and products, comprising more than 120 pages, including various product categories, specifications, information about industries, and much more. There was also a desire to create the website in French, German, English, and Dutch. It was an enormous but interesting task. Additionally, we had authentic photography shot on location, and social media formats were developed to highlight Polyfluor's corporate identity in every expression. Also, the website was optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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“Thanks to EoB’s dedication and ideas, our online marketing has been elevated to the next level.”

Erwin volkers (Polyfluor)

Currently, we maintain Polyfluor's social media channels, and the website is structurally maintained in terms of SEO. This is an ongoing process, as competitors are also engaged in their online marketing efforts. SEO involves continuously optimizing the website's text. For a website with over 120 pages in four languages, it's wise to approach this gradually. We are always ready to assist Polyfluor when they have specific branding needs, such as a booth backdrop, PowerPoint templates, or other design-related matters.

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