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Biggest attention for the smallest details
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At the Embassy, we're here for our ambassadors. And when something special happens, we like to embrace it with attention to amaze and surprise. This time, we did it for two of our ambassadors: Claire Janssen from Dolmans Landscaping Group and Ton Goedmakers from Vebego. Two years ago, they welcomed their daughter named Jules, and this year, their son David was born. For us, this was a beautiful moment to create two stunning birth announcements through a design process full of inspiration. Our ambassadors Lana and Remco are happy to tell you more about it.

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“It’s always a beautiful moment when inspiration and design come together.”

Lana paltan

"At the beginning of this process, for the first birth announcement, we asked Claire and Ton what they liked. They shared their ideas and also provided a bouquet with colors they found beautiful. We then collected inspiration from there and shared it with them in an inspiration document to determine the right direction. This laid the foundation for the color scheme and illustration style, which we immediately used as a starting point for the design." - Lana Paltan, designer at Embassy of Brands.

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“These are the most beautiful challenges. When we can surprise at such a special moment, we are just as proud as the parents of the end result.”

Remco Schut

A beautiful design for Jules also set the tone for David's card. 'We wanted to make David's card a bit more rugged but still in the same style as Jules' card,' Lana explains. 'The attention is in the refinement. In the smallest details, the typography, the chosen paper type, the printing techniques, the finishing, right down to the wax seal. We worked closely with the best professionals for paper choice, printing, and finishing techniques. Each one of them is a professional with a careful eye for detail. Seemingly minimal details make such a card truly special."

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“A unique card made with craftsmanship and passionate people! Proud of the end result.”

CLAIRe janssen & TON goedmakers

"The design can be beautiful, but the execution is equally important. So many steps are needed to achieve the final result, and nothing can go wrong. Everyone at the Embassy has contributed to this, from folding the chalk sheets and inserting all the cards to placing the wax seal. We paid maximum attention to a splendid result," Remco explains. "We are proud of the end product and especially that we were able to contribute to one of the most beautiful moments in the lives of these two true EOB ambassadors." - Remco Schut, founder Embassy of Brands

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