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With a can of cola, you shouldn't shake it, but when it comes to shaking up the soft drink market, leave that to Two driven entrepreneurs saw an opportunity in the market and seized it. This gave rise to, the independent online beverage platform that acts as the link between customers and suppliers. And such a great idea naturally deserves a strong brand. We developed a brand story, a website, and a social media plan to establish as a significant player in this 'wild west' industry and set it apart from all competitors. Curious about

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“The photographer's perspective is crucial in creating the right content.”

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Preparing and executing a photo shoot with the right perspective on photography is crucial for a brand that deals with soda cans on a daily basis. We make sure to be present at all the highlights and milestones of to capture them. This allows us to create timely and valuable content around the brand. This constant flow of input forms the basis for keeping the social media accounts and the website relevant and up-to-date.

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“ is a powerful combination of strong SEO and a beautiful design.”

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In a market where everyone competes, it can be challenging to distinguish yourself as a newcomer. It's important that people can find you, and this has been successfully achieved through website optimization. is meticulously optimized for SEO, and we continue to do so. However, being easily found is one thing, but staying on the website is another. With an attractive and user-friendly design, we keep the website visitors engaged. It's a website to be proud of!

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“With our collaboration, we create a beautifully consistent line in our company's content. An essential aspect for any self-respecting online business.”

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To remain relevant, it's important to be consistently present. For several years now, we've been managing social media and maintaining the website, but in reality, we do much more than that. We serve as a creative partner and assist with all the questions we receive from We brainstorm, develop relevant content, help seize new opportunities, and work together to further grow the brand.

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