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DComm is a platform with a focus on decentralization and a future based on blockchain. Their vision is rooted in the world of tomorrow, emphasizing transparency and unity. They execute this through blockchain technology tailored to tokenization. DComm challenged us to captivate investors with an honest and authentic message, a powerful digital business card, and without the use of traditional PowerPoint. What followed was a new brand story, an innovative website, and a personalized presentation tool at an international level. Curious about DCOMM?

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“A masterpiece.”

Garreth Beasley (DCOMM)

The collaboration came about through ambassador Maurice Konings, whom we know from Frisdrank.com. Thanks to his connection, we got in touch with a company from New Zealand. To launch the DComm community, we were brought in to brainstorm about the brand story and the subsequent tools. Our approach resonated well, and thanks to internal research and various conversations, DComm's brand story was crystal clear. When people build a brand with such tremendous passion, bringing out the authentic story is not complicated.

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“An innovative and personalized way of presenting, mobile-first.”

Remco Schut

After developing the brand story, we started with a temporary website to get things rolling. However, a few months later, it was time to launch the 'real' website. The result? A strong example of innovation in the realm of digital business cards. Cool features, beautiful effects, and fully in line with the brand. Additionally, this website serves as the foundation for the so-called presentation tool. A derivative of the website, where, using the blocks and functionalities of the website, we can share personalized invites, quotes, presentations, and other forms of communication. All in the same style, with the same powerful effects. For an overall 'wow' feeling.

“It's in the refinement. That's what truly makes a website.”

Olav Sajtos

A website is never entirely finished, and that certainly applies to the DComm website. New projects are constantly being executed, and they deserve a beautiful spot. Some projects are also placed directly in their presentation environment. Everything to reach investors, prospects, or other enthusiasts in a personal and direct way with information, invites, or proposals. It's an ecosystem to communicate from the core in every communication effort. That's personalization at the highest level, and that's how we like it!

“Taking the norm of technology and transforming it into graceful art, that leaves one with a feeling… are there even words that can describe it?”

Garreth Beasley (DCOMM)

Art, according to Georgia O’Keeffe “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.” Remco, and his incredible team at Embassy of Brands, are artists. Being creative, in the true sense, is indeed courage. It takes courage to break free of normal, to push the boundary of acceptable, to move beyond ordinary into extraordinary. Extraordinary outcomes are genuinely few and far between, yet they encompass each stoke the digital brush, from cover to cover of our site. Having now had the privilege to gazebehind the scenes in what significant degree of preparation these artists pursue to achieve greatness was humbling to watch, and invigorating to see evolve. Taking the norm of technology and transforming it into graceful art, that leaves one with a feeling… are there even words that can describe it? If there are Remco and his team sing only to that tune. A masterpiece.


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