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Casa PRIMO is a beautifully renovated country house located between the Adriatic coast and the Sibillini mountains in Italy. Owners Paco and Ilse had the dream of renovating a holiday home and offering it as a place for people to enjoy Italy. And with such an impressive country house, the digital presence had to be equally powerful. We had the privilege of helping them translate their dream into visuals and text. And for this, we also had the opportunity to experience Casa PRIMO ourselves. By experiencing it, we were able to better visualize the dream. A strong example of 'building a brand on location'. Curious about Casa PRIMO?

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“The website should capture and convey the feeling of the beautiful house and the impressive surroundings.”

Lana paltan

When our team visited the country house in 2022, we captured everything in and around the house in both visuals and text in just one week. Additionally, we also built the website during this week. From code to copy and from design to visuals, almost everything originated from the source: the Italian environment. And let's be honest, the visuals speak for themselves, don't they? The overall package provides genuine and authentic visuals that reflect the identity of Casa PRIMO.

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“Here, everyone on the team could excel in their talent. And all in a beautiful location.”

Remco Schut

Currently, about 90% of reservations come directly through the website. This means that leads come through their own channels, not through a small page on a larger website of another provider. That's why user-friendliness, personal stories, and, of course, information about the house and the surroundings are important. So, the website is designed to inform and inspire customers. And, of course, to maximize conversion. The result is impressive, as the calendar is almost completely booked. Would you like to enjoy the Italian sun too? Don't hesitate to check the availability on their website.

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“The website is a beautiful showcase and the foundation of many successful seasons.”

Paco Liebrand

"A beautiful website is usually crucial in choosing a holiday destination. You often make choices based on photos, the appearance, and the professionalism of the website. And things should not be made prettier than they are, but rather emphasize why the place is so special and highlight its strengths. The Embassy has done that perfectly through the combination of design, colors, videos, and photos. The drone footage beautifully showcases the entirety of our house and conveys what makes it unique. They also helped with a clear booking tool, a contact form, and a dynamic calendar." - Paco Liebrand, Casa PRIMO.

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