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Bolt it is there for every kind of IT change challenge. Call them IT change professionals, call them 'Achievers of Results'; it's always about creating an IT landscape that is made for and especially with the business. With a multidisciplinary team, they offer flexible IT services that guarantee the desired results. The request was to align all touchpoints of the brand. With a new website, corporate identity, logo, icon style, modular presentation tool, photography, and much more, we have captured the brand's innovativeness in their new style. Curious about Bolt it?

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“With an ambassador and a contact person at the client, you can quickly adapt and translate the input directly.”

Remco Schut

Bolt it came to us after being inspired by our approach during another project. During the first contact moment, it was clear that the collaboration between our (similar) organizations was a perfect match. Thanks to a smooth process and very short lines of communication, we were able to make progress quickly. An ideal scenario, as questions and input were translated directly within both organizations. This kind of direct, effective communication ensures the best result and contributed to a delivery within two months.

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“You always view elements as a whole, so that everything reinforces each other and fits perfectly with the brand.”

Camiel van der houven

Renewing an existing website and corporate identity doesn't mean everything has to be completely different, but it can still have a unique, new twist. The new corporate identity served as the foundation for a stunning new website. The brain of Bolt it, symbolizing the connection between specialists and clients, was the key visual expression. The hexagon of the 'Bolt' was also used to create a unique icon style. Additionally, people are an essential part of the brand, which is why we opted for a photo shoot featuring the specialists of Bolt it. Furthermore, we built a presentation tool, entirely in line with the blocks of the website, presenting quotes to clients in a unique way.

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“They keep an overview of the entire project, pay attention to the smallest details, and draw connections between all elements.”

Jesse Lensen

"We have learned a lot, including deepening our brand story. What was long in our minds now exists on paper. We have our foundation in place, and there is consistency in our brand expressions. The collaboration with EoB felt familiar immediately, and their personal approach and involvement set them apart from others. The various specialists need just one word, and this works quickly and effectively. This is how they create the magic we were looking for. And all within two months!"
- Jesse Lensen, Bolt it

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